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Growbox drawer top
  • Growbox drawer top
  • Growbox drawer top
  • Growbox drawer top
  • Growbox drawer top
  • Growbox drawer top

Growbox drawer top

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December 2024

One cabinet - many possibilities

Kitchen chopping board, standing desk, storage space - it adapts to your needs.


The cabinet consists of three parts - the body, a top and a base. Each part is available in different colours. Use our configurator to see which colour and part combination you like best. Then simply order the body, top and base in your favourite colours. The use of the top is optional whereas a base is mandatory for the air to circulate.



The appearance of colors and veneers may differ in reality.

    • Product type:  Furniture top
    • Desk top (cm): 74 x 43 x 7
    • Kitchen top (cm): 74 x 43 x 5
    • Storage top (cm): 74 x 43 x 13
    • Material:        Wood, foodgrade colors and oils,
                                metal rails
  • Price incl. VAT and shipping

    * Your deposit is fully refundable until we dispatch your Timberjane. You are placing a pre-order for a product that is currently backordered. If you place your order now, we anticipate it will be ready to ship by December 2024. Deliveries are processed in the sequence they are received. By placing an order, you consent to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

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